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Agri-Drone - DJI Phantom 3 (Pro/Adv) NDVI Camera Drone

This Phantom 3 Advanced drone has a NDVI (NIR + Red) Converted DJI Camera, giving you everything you need for precision agriculture surveys in one, easy-to-fly package. Combining the compact design, ease of use and reliability of the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, with a precision NDVI lens makes this the ultimate precision agriculture drone.

It has a stabilized 3-axis gimbal and has a 1080p HD video camera. The DJI Lightbridge video streaming system allows you to stream video to your mobile phone at 720p.

The Phantom 3 Advanced also includes additional optical and ultrasonic sensors to ensure smooth and precise control indoors without a GPS signal. It also ensures smooth flight during take-off and landing.

This package comes with a Phantom 3 hard or soft shell backpack, NDVI (NIR + Red) Converted DJI Camera and two extra batteries. Please contact us for additional combos and packages.

Set Contains:

  • Aircraft Body (1)
  • NDVI (NIR + Red) Converted DJI Camera (1)
  • Remote Controller (1)
  • Propeller Pairs (4)
  • Intelligent Flight Battery (3)
  • Battery Charger (1)
  • Manuals
  • 16GB Micro-SD Card (1)
  • Backpack (Hard or soft shell)

Reflectance calibration ground targets are also available. Please contact us for pricing.

R 37,995.00

Note: This is the base price for the ready-to-fly model, please contact us for other options.