Endurance Drones Update! 002 February 05 2016, 0 Comments

Hello Drone Enthusiasts!

We've been quiet for a little while but we're still tinkering away and making the best drones that South Africa has to offer.

Endurance Drones South Africa X6 Hexacopter main view

We've tweaked and updated our X6 Hexacopter and we now have a very versatile, relatively compact and powerful flight system that can be used for a multitude of applications. It carries DSLRs and thermal cameras with ease and due to it's size and rotor configuration, can even handle windy conditions.

What we're most excited about, is a project to attach a game capture net gun to our X6 Hexacopter. Due to their small size and relatively quiet flight characteristics, it is pretty easy to get drones close to game without spooking them. The idea is to take advantage of this and use drones to fire a completely harmless net over small game such as springbok. It has been shown that even if the net doesn't completely entangle the animal, it can quickly and safely subdue it. There are however, many obvious challenges, but we are working tirelessly to overcome them and should have a prototype up and running in the near future. As soon as we do, we'll be sure to post some pictures and videos of our tests! 

For now, here is some inspiration from a group in the states that is doing something similar, but for capturing drones, not game.

Keep in touch and we hope to hear from you soon!