Simple mapping mission with Endurance Drones 650 Quadcopter and GoPro June 17 2015, 0 Comments

Many of our clients use our drones for aerial surveys and mapping so I thought I would put together a quick blog post showing what can be done very cheaply and easily. The photo here was created with our entry level Endurance Drones 650 Quadcopter and a GoPro.

The mission was created in Mission Planner by drawing a polygon over the area to be surveyed and then creating the waypoints with the Auto Waypoint Grid function. This was extremely easy and created a flight plan with only a few clicks. The flight plan was then uploaded to the 650 Quadcopter. As the GoPro is not linked to the flight controller, it was simply set to take a photo every 2 seconds using the in-built time-lapse function. 

Endurance Drones South Africa planned mission map

Above is an image from Mission Planner showing the polygon (red box) and the automatically generated flight plan grid (yellow lines).

To fly the mission the GoPro time-lapse was started and then the 650 Quadcopter was armed. After taking off in Manual mode, the 650 Quadcopter was put into Loiter mode to ensure that the GPS was tracking correctly. Once this was verified the 650 Quadcopter was put into Auto mode and it commenced the mission. The 650 Quadcopter flew the mission flawlessly before returning to the launch spot and landing itself.

Endurance Drones South Africa flown mission map

The above image plots the GPS logs of the 650 Quadcopter during its flight.

After cutting out the images at the beginning and at the end, those taken during take-off and landing, just over 100 images were taken during the flight. These images were then combined in AgiSoft photo scanner to create a large image file (smaller version shown below). The full file can be downloaded here (8mb JPG).

Endurance Drones South Africa high resolution aerial image